A Fashionable Med Alert Bracelet for Women

Balancing Safety and Fashion

A standard med alert bracelet is far from fashionable and easily recognizable to other people. That may make your loved one less likely to wear it, which can put them in peril if they ever have a medical emergency.

A fashionable option is available for the women, or picky men, in your life. Any elderly person who has a chronic condition should be wearing some sort of medical alert pendant that, at the least, has those conditions listed on it.

These pendants assure that your loved one will receive the medical care they need in case of an emergency. The styles available will assure that even the pickiest of women (or men) can find something that meets their personal style.

Common conditions that can, and should, be included on any medical alert system include:

  • Diabetes: In the event of a hypoglycemic attack, emergency personnel need to know that your loved one has a history of diabetes so they can immediately give them life saving treatment.
  • Pacemaker: Any time someone has a pacemaker, they should be wearing a medical alert pendant to alert emergency personnel of the risk of malfunction or stroke
  • Defibrillator: If your loved one has an implanted defibrillator, there is a strong possibility that if it triggers, they may lose consciousness.
  • Seizures: A history of seizures puts your loved one at higher risk for repeat seizures. If emergency services know this right away, treatment can be initiated immediately.
  • Medications: Prescription meds such as Coumadin (Warfarin), seizure medications, heart medications and others can easily be listed on a fashionable med alert bracelet.
  • Memory Loss: If your loved one has lapses in memory, especially during times of stress, it is vital that they have a medical alert device that can help inform emergency personnel in the event you are not with them.

The fashionable alert pendants can be made from silver, gold, copper and even come in custom styles for the most picky and fashionable women. Combining the need for safety along with the desire for fashion, this is an option you may want to consider for the sophisticated elder woman in your life.

Some have information coded in them. Some use a standard symbol for a medical condition for easy recognition. There are some that are beaded that you can attach a pendant or charm to, like the Brown Topaz Fashion Alert Medical ID Bracelet.

There are others, like the Medical Alert Stainless Steel Cuff Bracelet that allows you to engrave the underside for added confidentiality.

Sometimes, convincing your elderly loved one to wear a med alert bracelet is the biggest battle. Our elderly are very private about their personal medical information.

Providing them with fashionable med alert bracelets is one answer that may solve this problem.

It is best to choose a medical alert system that your loved one will wear all the time - not one they refuse to wear when they leave the house because it is not attractive or draws too much attention.

Keeping your loved one safe, both at home and away from home, is a priority.

Choosing a med alert bracelet they will wear all the time makes that process much easier for you and keeps them safe in the event you aren't with them during a medical emergency.

If you don't find what you are looking for, try talking with your local jeweler and see what options may be available for customized jewelry that can fill the need for safety and security as well.

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