What Causes Constipation?

Once you understand what causes constipation, you will be able to help prevent it. For each cause there is a reasonable and sometimes quite simple remedy to help prevent further episodes.

The large intestine stores feces and absorbs water. The longer the stool remains in the large intestine, the more water will be absorbed from it, leading to the hard, dry stools often associated with constipation.

When stool stays in the large intestine too long, there can be many complications and uncomfortable symptoms. One of the worst scenarios is a condition called impaction, which must be taken care of medically.

Another risk associated with constipation is rectal prolapse. This also should be dealt with medically or surgically.

If there has been a change in bowel habits or if there is significant stomach pain, notify your doctor ASAP. They will need to know current and new medications, date of the last bowel movement and any other symptoms your loved one is experiencing.

Common Causes

So what are some common causes of constipation? Here is a list of some of the most common causes of constipation. If you notice any of these things ....talk to your loved one and try to implement some strategies listed here.

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