Carolyn Stolle
Registered Nurse

Hi. My name is Carolyn Stolle but I often go by Carly. Working my way up from the bottom, I started as a Certified Nursing Assistant, completed schooling to become a Licensed Practical Nurse and finally became a Registered Nurse in 1987 .... almost 25 years ago.

I am one of the lucky few in this world that gets to love what I do every day in my profession. Of course, there were areas I didn't particularly like, but all professions have those areas. I used to be amazed early in my career that I was actually getting paid to do what I loved.

I began my career in Neuro Trauma Intensive Care and I loved it. I worked almost exclusively with all types of neurotrauama .... everything from spinal cord injuries to neurovascular surgeries to organ donations. It was high level, high intensity and an adrenaline rush every day.

After a short break from nursing, I decided to take a breather from the high level of intensity of the ICU and switch to long term care for a "break". I can tell you this ... I have never worked harder in my life with more riding on my assessments than I have in Long Term Care.

I found that I loved working with the elderly, which was a surprise for me. And then I found that I couldn't stand the way most nursing homes were run. I wanted to change them, change the protocols, change procedures and educate staff to truly view our patients as unique individuals that have lived long and full lives. They have given so much to this world. We needed to be treating the individual first and the medical conditions second.

So I began a new journey into Long Term Care Nurse Management under the advice of my Nursing Home Administrator at the time. I became first an Assistant Director of Nursing and Unit Manager of our Sub Acute Wing and then advanced to both Director of Nursing for the entire building and also Regional Consultant for other nursing homes in our state.

From the ICU, I transferred patients to both long term care settings and also to the home setting. In the nursing home, I received patients from both ICU and the home setting.

I felt many many times that if I could have gotten to the family members of the home care patient, I could have helped to prevent some of the reasons they ended up transferring their loved one from the home to our setting.

This is what I am trying to do with this website. Offer advice, tips and techniques I have learned over the years .... some taught in nursing school, some handed down from nurse to nurse, some learned from research and physicians I worked closely with during my career.

I am lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who supports me in this endeavor. It gives me the opportunity to work from home and reach people who NEED my advice to make a difference in the home care setting.

My goal is simple: To offer as much of my experience as I possibly can to impact the lives of both the caregiver and the home care patient.