Medical Alert Systems

Keep your Elderly Loved One Safe

Medical alert systems cover everything from simple baby monitors to sophisticated video and GPS monitoring systems.

A medical emergency is something we all fear.

What if your elder family member was left alone even for a short period of time?

Do you have a system in place that can assure they can get help or be found if the situation arises?

Do you know what type of Elderly Medical Alert System you need? Click on the link provided to review the three categories of systems available today.

There are medical alert devices that can fit any budget and cover a variety of needs. Do you need some tips on choosing one of the best senior medical alarms alarms for your unique situation?

A medical alert monitor covers everything from simple chair alarms or bed alarms to even a GPS tracking watch. Different services provide different levels of monitoring.

To determine which is right for you, review the medical alert monitors and know the questions to ask both yourself and any service you are considering.

Some services will contact 911 dispatch automatically when the system is alerted. Others, however, will contact a monitoring center where the operator will stay on the phone with your loved one to determine if 911 needs to be called or neighbors, friends and family need to be called.

Some alert systems are a onetime fee only. Others charge a set up and a monthly monitoring fee. Prices vary between companies, along with the types and services they offer.

Technology is moving fast and there are several new types of medical alert systems just becoming available, which include passive monitoring of the person’s activities, automatic alert call for falls and even some systems that can monitor the person’s heart rate.

Before You Buy

Before you buy any alert system, I will caution you on three primary issues:
  1. Research several different companies and styles to determine what best suits your needs, both for safety and from a financial standpoint. Go not only to the company’s website, but also look for independent reviews of their products at websites such as Consumer Reports.

  2. Know that whatever you and your loved one’s needs are right now, they are likely to change in the future. Elderly people can decline rapidly and for safety reasons, you will want to make sure that your medical alert system can adapt to your changing needs.
  3. If you can, check with your city administration to see if they have any fines you will have to pay if a button gets “accidentally” pushed or if the incident does not qualify as an actual emergency. To avoid these fines, look into using an alert system that utilizes a call center to screen out non-emergency events.

Types of Medical Alert Systems

In the event that an emergency occurs during a time you are unavailable, you will want your loved one to be able to easily summon help. That can involve anything from calling out verbally to pushing a button to alerting a motion or health sensor.

A few of the different types of systems I will discuss in depth include:

  • Medical Alert Pendant - Who needs a medical alert pendant? Review this article for tips on many different conditions and ages that can benefit from a alert system.

  • Fashionable Med Alert Bracelets - more fashionable options are available for the elderly who do not want others to easily recognize a medical alert system.

  • Medical Alert Bracelet - similar to a necklace alert system but worn around the wrist.

  • Lifeline Medical Alert - a monitoring system that utilizes a call center to screen emergency events.

  • Medical Alert Button - different types of help buttons that can be placed throughout the home.
  • ADT Security Systems - A national program that now offers video monitoring of both inside and outside your home. That video can be viewed on any computer and most cell phones.

  • Other Medical Alert Devices - including GPS monitoring and video monitoring of your loved one.

Choosing which medical alert system is right for you can be time consuming, but the security it will provide is well worth the time invested in researching the right system for your specific needs.

Once the system is installed and working, you will be able to go to work, run to the grocery store, take a shower or simply be working in the yard and know that if anything unexpected should happen, your loved one can call for help.

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