Adult Diapers

Convenient & Effective

Adult diapers? Is this option right for you? Maybe. Or maybe not.

If you are having problems approaching the subject, try using the term "brief" or protection, instead of "diaper", which has negative social implications.

Many adults are embarrassed by their incontinence. Fear of urine stains and odor can make many refuse to leave their homes. Adult diapers can help to overcome some of these fears.

Disposable Briefs

Disposable briefs come in a variety of styles and sizes. They can be purchased through online mail order companies and will be delivered directly .. and discretely ... to your home. Or you can find several brands in any local supermarket or pharmacy.

Each company has their own sizing guidelines. Make sure to properly measure exactly how they tell you to assure for a proper fit and decrease chances of leaking around the edges.

Do not allow the brief to become overly wet. It should be checked at least every few hours and changed when needed. Some adult briefs have a indication line on the outside that will let you know by changing color when the brief needs to be changed.

Wet and soiled disposable diapers should be rolled up and put in a garbage container with a plastic liner. Make sure to seal it securely to decrease odors. There are disposal system for baby diapers that may be useful as well.

Washable Briefs

Washable, or reusable, adult diapers are also available. They are obviously much better for the environment but will increase your work load too. You will have to determine if this option is right for your lifestyle. If you do chose to purchase washable diapers, make sure you have a large enough supply to minimize how often you must do laundry.

Dirty washable diapers need to be rinsed and placed into a sealed laundry bin or plastic bag while awaiting laundry day. This will help cut down on odors through out your home. Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar are all natural remedies that are effective and safe to use to decrease urine smells in clothing.

Do not wash anything else with the diapers and use a sanitizing cycle if your machine has one. Do an extra rinse cycle if you opt to use bleach. Bleach "smells" clean but if there is any residual bleach left on the diaper it can be irritating to the skin.

On that same topic, use only fragrance free and hypoallergenic softeners. Perfume and chemicals can lead to rashes on the skin which will only be irritated more by urine.

Tips and Tricks

Urine smells in the home are always an issue with both types of adult diapers. Try using a scented natural citrus spray and keep dirty briefs in a sealed container prior to disposal or laundry.

Good skin care is the key to preventing complications from using adult diapers. An easy way to accomplish this is to keep a supply of wet wipes or baby wipes readily available where you change the briefs. Or use soft washcloths and clean the skin with soap and water. Make sure the skin is clean and dry before applying the clean brief.

There are a variety of skin protectant lotions and creams available to protect the skin from urine. I personally like Gold Bond Skin Protectant, available in an unscented formula.

As always, wash your hands thoroughly with hot water and soap both before and after changing a brief.

If you chose the right size and style, change often and dispose or launder frequently, adult diapers can be a perfect solution for incontinence.

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