Lifeline Medical Alert

Pros, Cons, Kudos and Complaints

Almost everyone has heard of the Lifeline Medical Alert, but is choosing this life alert system the best senior medical alarm for your unique situation?

This system is well known and recommended by many physicians, therapist, nurses and senior citizen groups around the country. Reviewing the Lifeline Medical Alert system can help you choose the best senior medical alarm for you or your loved one.

The term "Aging in Place" refers to maintaining independent living for our baby boomers and senior citizens. Having an alert system in place can help to keep our elderly out of institutions for a longer period of time.


  • Cost: Just over a dollar a day with no long term contract.
  • Use: An easy push of a button will connect you immediately to the monitoring center.
  • Transfer: The system can be transferred to a second home
  • Range: The system will work on a separate stories in your home and may also work outside your home
  • Quality Control: It is recommended that you push the button at least once a month to make sure the system is fully functional. If you or your loved one forgets, they will contact you to make sure the system is working properly.


  • Use: You or your loved one must be able to activate the system in the event of an emergency. They do have a new system that has some passive alert monitoring available for an extra charge.
  • Range: If your loved one likes to go on walks or work in the back yard, there is a possibility the system will not work.
  • Costs: There is an initial set up fee, as well as ongoing maintenance fees each month.

Kudos and Complaints

Philips Company and their alert system is a well known and well respected company, often recommended by family physicians. They have been in business since 1974 and has been ranked by the Better Business Bureau since 1992. Their current score in the BBB system is A+.

The A+ ranking alone should make you comfortable with this company, as it reflects not only that they have very few complaints, but also that when they do receive a complaint through the BBB, they quickly follow-up to make sure they provide the highest customer service possible.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Phillips Lifeline Medical Alert has received just 4 complaints in the last 12 months and just 17 in the last 3 years (June 2011). All but 3 of those complaints were resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

The majority of their complaints appear to be billing related. If you chose this reliable system, make sure to review copies of their complaints and keep track of the days you have contacted Customer Service and requested any changes, including cancellation, of their services.

In April of 2011, Phillips Lifeline Medical Alert won the 2011 Medical Design Excellence Award for their new Passive Monitoring System that can help detect falls and summon help in the event the wearer is unable to activate the system to call for help. The company worked diligently to redesign their pendants to make people more willing to wear them.

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